DYMPRODUCTS, formerly an individual artist, is now a privately held corporation.

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Here at DYM products, we sort our garbage.
So, exactly what is this thing we call "garbage"?

For us, garbage, trash, or waste is simply raw material, albeit in a somewhat recalcitrant form.

Only raw material!
Garbage seems disgusting because we mix everything together, old meat, plastic wrappers, oily rags, making a stinky, slimy mess filled with bacteria that can make us sick. Waste is what happens when we think about garbage.

By segregating the bacteria-laden parts, it turns out there is no garbage, instead there are raw materials, resources!

Can we take all our so-called waste and, with or without dismantling it to its original elements, turn it into something for use? 

Miriam sorting a year's worth of garbage.