DYMPRODUCTS, formerly an individual artist, is now a privately held corporation.

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Miriam Dym founded DYMPRODUCTS, a full service design company, in the late 1990s. 
In the early 2000s, Dym became fascinated with garbage, trash, waste, in particular, how easy it is to generate and how hard it is to transform. She has dedicated the last six years* to attempting to resolve this apparent conundrum.**

Art, entrepreneurship, industrialism
Trained as an artist, Dym developed a practice that operated in a space between individual action and corporate manifestation. She originally used DYMproducts as ironic commentary on that schism. In 2006, however, DYMproducts began a (perhaps classic) migration toward its current incarnation, a series of businesses—albeit of varying degrees of functionality. Now she is working to apply industrial processes and efficiencies of scale.

On geography
Probably things would have turned out differently if Dym had stayed in New York after getting her MFA. Instead, she moved to California. The transplanting has had quite an impact despite Dym's initial, and strong, East Coast resistance.

* A single, iconic, easily marketable year wasn't sufficient. 
** A conundrum which is also a metaphor.

Miriam sorting a year's worth of garbage.