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Here at DYM products, we sort our garbage.
So, exactly what is this thing we call "garbage"?

For us, garbage, trash, or waste is simply raw material, albeit in a somewhat recalcitrant form.

Only raw material!
Garbage seems disgusting because we mix everything together, old meat, plastic wrappers, oily rags, making a stinky, slimy mess filled with bacteria that can make us sick. Waste is what happens when we think about garbage.

By segregating the bacteria-laden parts, it turns out there is no garbage, instead there are raw materials, resources!

Can we take all our so-called waste and, with or without dismantling it to its original elements, turn it into something for use? Stay tuned.

Logo Removal Service
In which we remove logos from all items (mostly t-shirts) replacing them with never-seen-before shapes. The results look suspiciously like art and function as part of a conversation about commercial saturation.

Submit for Riff
In which DYMproducts founder, Miriam Dym, collects and curates submissions of all and sundry for writer Tom Clyde (and future guests riffers) to riff upon. Tom generously generates a feedback loop for some of the many things that interest us at DYMproducts.

Might Say Anything
Re-newed, used, and, yes, new textiles made and/or altered in our own production facilities. Coming soon.